Supervirus Game

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Supervirus is a semi-cooperative print and play game for 1-6 players about survival. Will you and your neighbours be able to support each other through the events of this pandemic, or will you succumb to the weekly events?

Will you survive to win?

This game is free as Supervirus which allows 1-4 players aged 12 and up. The file includes all necessary cards, the Airedale Royal Infirmary hospital and a specially designed tuck box to store your cards. 

If you want more content then purchase Supervirus:ICU for £5 which adds:

+ Increase player count to 6 players

+ Competitive option for two players where you can beat your opponent (if you survive)

+ Additional Character cards with unique effects

+ Additional hospitals with added ICU function for strategic gameplay

+ Developing content over time

Please note the download email will take a few minutes to arrive and please check your junk folders. 

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Supervirus Game

0 ratings
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